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ever balm restorative serum

These are the three primary properties of EVER BALM, a handcrafted balm designed to address virtually every skincare issue. 

Comprising of only raw and organic ingredients, including wild harvested oils, EVER BALM can provide a jolt of hydration to the skin overnight, or to help heal cuts, burns and insect bites.  It is gentle enough to apply on babies, yet powerful enough to repair sun-damaged skin and tackle acne scars.

The result is a rich yet light swirl of highly effective ingredients, including Kokum butter from India and rosehip seed oil from the Andes.  The concoction is so effective and powerful, that just a small amount is needed.  With EVER BALM, a little goes a very long way.

Every component in each jar of EVER BALM has a specific intent: tamanu oil reduces inflammation, the lush buriti oil from the Amazon is a coveted antioxidant, and helichrysum italicum is known for its ability to regenerate skin.

EVER BALM is specifically packaged in Miron violet glass, to further its shelf life.  This special glass, which was developed in Europe, is known for its ability to filter out complete spectrum of visible light with the exception of the violet light. This assures quality, keeping every ingredient fresh and potent.   EVER BALM is refreshingly free of chemicals, preservatives, toxins and fillers…. which means that every jar is pure, unadulterated goodness.  

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