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Cacao Kit


Kit includes:

100% pure cacao

 1 stick of Palo Santo

 1 bundle of Sage

 1 tea light candle

 Ceremonial guide booklet


Natural ant-depressant, spiritual growth & expansion, connection with Mother Earth, good for heart & cardiovascular health.


This kit brings everything you need to begin your spiritual journey with Cacao!

Cacao is an incredible plant medicine, and the perfect addition to your smudging ceremonies.

This cacao is 100% handmade in the traditional Mayan way: Sun-dried, hand-roasted in a wood fire and ground in the sacred millstone. This is true ceremonial cacao which requires ancient prayers and rituals to be done.  It comes straight from the source in Guatemala grown and transformed by Mayans! 

With the purchase of this cacao, you are supporting indigenous people through fair trade and ethical consumption!

Produced by an Indigenous Owned Business.

Contraindications for 100% Cacao

People taking MAOI antidepressants (Cacao contains MAO inhibitors), have a serious heart condition, have low blood pressure or suffering from epilepsy. People taking SSRI antidepressants may be ok with a smaller than usual dose. Please speak to your doctor in any of these cases. If you have any doubt about whether you should consume cacao please consult with your physician(s).

  • No returns or exchanges.


  • To store, remember that ceremonial cacao doesn't need to be refrigerated. Simply put it in a dark and cool space.
  • This cacao only includes 100% pure cacao paste - This cacao didn't go through even 1 industrial machine!

Packaging & pattern/color may not be exactly as presented in the images.



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