the magic of film interview with creative director elliot hans

the magic of film interview with creative director elliot hans


why do you feel it is necessary to shot everything on film and super 8 and 16mm motion film?

Elliot: to time travel to the what I call "the golden age" you must teleport through the film.

can you explain that in more detail?

Elliot: nope :)  hahah..

film is a living entity that takes on a character of its own the moment you push the shutter button on the camera. It captures a deeper feeling and more of the story that I want to share to the world. When I look at photos of my family from the 70's there is feeling in those film photos that I can't explain.  I don't get those feelings when looking a digital photos on a screen.

well, people are viewing these film photos on a screen, does it capture the same feeling?

Elliot: Yes, it does.  The feeling is there, even on a screen when shot on film.

film is way more expensive than digital?

Elliot: YES!! ha, but I am telling a story with depth and just like the quality of my clothing I chose to not cut any corners just to save a buck when it comes to the integrity of what I do.  I will always go far beyond the "standard" or easier softer way. This is important to me and why things cost what they cost. INTEGRITY.

how do you stay in the 1960's-1970's or as you call it "the golden era" when shooting?

Elliot: for the most part you will never find a modern day item in our photos, except our clothing.  I select locations, props, cars, accessories, etc from the golden era only.  We also prefer models to be completely natural & without makeup & wear their hair the way nature made them.  Natural beauty is hugely nostalgic of the Golden Era.


photos by @wickwalker
model @domoniquenoelle




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